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Minutes of November 27, 2001

Treasurer Jack Foster KM6TE brought the meeting to order at 1905 Hours. The following members were present:

  • Jerry Wilson Secretary KF6IBP
  • Todd Barton KF6KBX
  • Sally Cambel KG6FOL
  • Cliff Banfill KE6VDE
  • Kristin Vogel KE6KKE

PREVIOUS MINUTES Approved after correcting the Door prize winner and the prize to Brian, a Multi-bit screwdriver.

TREASURER'S REPORT: There is $401.11 in the Savings Account and $922 in the Equipment Fund. There are 33 Paid up Regular Members and 8 Associate Members.


Repeaters: The sensitivity of the 146.94 repeater is low. Jack will take it off line and test it now that he has his service monitor back. The 146.610 repeater is not getting through to the rest of the Far West net. We think the problem is with link to the 146.760 Repeater .

ANTENNAS: Cliff will re-contact the Phillipsville Fire Department to see if they are ready to put in the promised antenna. No report on the Phillipsville Fire House installation.

EVENT COMMUNICATIONS: Statewide hospital disaster drill was held Nov. 15. Jack, Cliff, Ken Stephens, KG6FOI and Mike Pratt KFF6BUZ (Hospital Staff) participated on the 146.910. Need to rework the Packet Program.

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Planning Committee Meets Thursday December 20 at the Public Health Building to work on putting up maps and chalk boards in the Command Post for Incident Command operation.

OLD BUSINESS: Nominating Committee Jack is collecting ballots the results to be announced at the December meeting.

LIGHTHOUSE CONTEST: As the event will be some time next August we will take it up the first of the year.

Kit Building Project Night: Jack brought a Radio Shack catalog that has many kits available. As soon as some members have their kits we will set up a night to get together. Jack said that we could use his shop if there were not too many participating. We need to talk it up on the Monday Night Net.

December Holiday Party Will be a Pot-Luck at the Women's Civic Club. Gather at 6, eat at 7, announce board for next year and draw for prizes after dinner.

NEW BUSINESS: Set the dues for the year 2002. Sally moved that we keep the same dues structure as last year (see minutes of November 29, 2000).

Second by Cliff. Passed unanimously.

OPEN FORUM A bit of discussion about possible storms and how the local phone-company lets Jack know where the power is off. Jerry asked for opinions on the MFJ 461 Morse Code Reader as an aid to learning Code. Cliff felt that the MFJ 418 Morse Tutor was a better be and maybe using the "Morse Tutor Gold" computer program would be even more helpful.

DOOR PRIZE: Jerry won a soldering iron kit.


Respectfully Submitted: J.R.Wilson KF6IBP, Secretary


I would like to report the 147.090 repeater in the Fortuna area is now back on line! It is always good news when a repeater that was taken offline is brought back online! Thanks to the RARC Club for putting this repeater BACK IN SERVICE! A special thanks goes out to Rich Sweet, WB6MYF for his technical expertise and the others like Jim, WB6ZLE for getting this repeater back on the hill.

As some may have noticed, the 146.910MHz Hospital repeater is off the air. It seems that "Mother Nature" knocked the antenna to the ground from high winds. Luckily the FAA Technician heard the "noise outside" and shut off the repeater, there by reducing the damage to the repeater itself! Much thanks to the "Unknown Hero" in this respect!

For those interested in SSTV there is a SSTV (Slow Scan Television) can join into a "net" on the 101 corridor link system. There are many Free and Shareware programs/applications. I use the "Unregistered" Version of ChromaPIX to get my digital pictures sent when I have the time. It is a good tool in the event of disaster. Also if you have a computer, it would serve the public well to have a PSK program for "NON Correcting" digital written messages over HF or VHF It’s quite amazing to not hear anything other than "white noise" and still get a message across in this relatively new mode! I have not been able to hear no voices and just white noise then use "DIGIPAN" and get full copy on the computer screen. I have heard of "Coast to Coast" contacts with as little as a few watts in this new mode!

I have used nothing more than a notebook computer and a handheld (in low noise environments) to make these new computer contacts work, in high noise environments you may need to make some very simple cables to link your radio to your computer! This is fun stuff and could be a real boon in an emergency. It’s been a long time since we have been called to duty for a disaster, but we are overdue for a situation that would require the ham community to rally to the situation. PLEASE BE PREPARED!

Even if you only have a ham handheld radio, please keep your instructions to your radio with it and be prepared for the many disasters that can and will occur in the future!!!

The Editor,

Cory Allen, KN6ZU



As some may have noticed I have not been on the air as much these days. This is do to many conflicts with "Family Issues" for me. As you all know, Family comes first for any good ham and I hope you can all understand and be patient with me getting this short version of the SHARC BYTE NEWS to you. 73 and Merry Christmas from the editor. Cory Allen, KN6ZU.

I do hope that some articles will come in from hams in the community. Your input is always welcome.


Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting

December 12, 2001

This month’s meeting was a potluck held at the Garberville Women’s Civic Club building. After the potluck, there was a raffle for the grand prize - a 2-meter radio. This was won by Brian Sargent (KG6FOJ). Everyone had a good time and ate lots of delicious food.

The new officers for the coming year were announced. They are:

Board Members:

The next meeting is January 22, 2002 at 7p.m. at the Garberville Fire Hall. See you there.

Submitted by: Kim A. Cabrera (KG6BFO)  - 2002 Secretary